things i want to teach my daughter

25 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

When I found out I was pregnant and started to imagine if I was going to have a boy or a girl, the thought of having a daughter suddenly made me a bit nervous. Sadly, girls and women don’t have it easy in this world and the thought of having to raise a girl and make sure she’ll be a strong, good and caring woman, felt like a huge responsibility. And it is! It’s up to us how the next generation will think about and treat the world, themselves and others. So I thought: what are the most important things I want to teach my daughter, to make sure she will be a happy, wise and positive person? Because there are quite a lot of things that I think are very important, so I made a list of the things that I absolutely want to teach her someday.

“The best advice my mom has ever given me is to never give up. She believes when one door shuts, another door opens. Always, always move forward.” – Melissa Rivers

  • You can be angry at somebody and still love them, don’t walk away for every little thing.
  • You don’t have the right to play with other people’s lives, so don’t ever drink and drive. You can always call us, we will be there to pick you up.
  • You can be what you want to be, but you have to give it your all and work for it.
  • Don’t be the reason someone cries at night, be the reason someone smiles. Always be kind to others and treat them with respect.
  • Animals also deserve respect. Don’t be mean to them.
  • Use your manners.
  • It’s wrong to steal. Even online.
  • The experience of living by yourself is worth gold. Do it for a while before you live with anyone else.
  • Always stay active, no matter how old you are.
  • Take pictures of important moments, as often as you can.

things i want to teach my daughter

  • Learn to cook and bake. You’ll warm hearts with it.
  • Don’t be scared to tell someone you love them.
  • You don’t need added sugar in your food. Try to avoid it.
  • Don’t be the loudest person in the room.
  • Learn where your food comes from. Milk doesn’t grow in cartons.
  • Body-positivity.
  • You don’t have to decide what you want to do when you grow up, while you’re still in high school. Some people take longer to find that out and that’s fine.
  • Don’t ever dumb yourself down for anyone.
  • You don’t have to do something, just because everyone seems to do it.
  • Really listen when someone talks to you, don’t just wait for your turn to open your mouth.
  • If you think “no”, say “no”.
  • Keep a diary. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Be the friend you wish you had.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes.
  • You can always come home.

I think it’s so important to learn my daughter about having a healthy body image, that’s a very big deal to me. Also to teach her to have respect and be kind to others is one of my main goals in life. If I can raise my girl to be a healthy, kind hearted and respectful young woman, I think I succeeded in life. Big time.

What do you think is important to teach your child?

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