After Two Years, I’m Finally Pregnant

Some of you might have already guessed it and some of you might already know, but YES! After two years of trying, I’m finally pregnant! I am now 12 weeks and we just told our family and friends! Everyone is super excited and ofcourse so are we. We’ve been trying for a good two years now. It’s been a long road, but we finally made it!

So, as you know, the road to pregnancy wasn’t easy. We tried for two years, had a miscarriage and visited the hospital to be tested. It turned out, we were both perfectly healthy, which made me even more frustrated actually. A while ago we had one last chance to become pregnant naturally, before we would be scheduled in for an IUI treatment. So I said to my husband: “Lets just relax these last few weeks, once we get this treatment all will be fine. For now, lets just let it all go and breath again for a while.” And so we did. Can you believe I was holding a positive pregnancy test in my hands, just a few weeks later? We were so happy, but also a bit guarded. It went wrong before. But after a few weeks I soon came to realize this pregnancy was nothing like the one before. Before, I never felt pregnant, but now I was terribly nauseous and really really tired. I haven’t been this tired in my life. But I never complained, because in my mind, the sicker I felt, the healthier the baby was.

6 Weeks: Losing the baby again?

When I was almost 7 weeks pregnant, I had my first ultrasound and I was right, the baby was doing great! We even saw a little heart beating. So amazing! They first few weeks I was super tired. Whenever we were out of the house, or visiting people, I could barely keep my eyes open. Also, my appetite was increasing enormously and I already gained some weight. About a week later, I noticed the same kind of bloodloss (just little pinpricks of blood, barely noticable for anyone else) as how my miscarriage started. And back then I ignored it, because I just didn’t know. I immediately called in for an ultrasound, because this wasn’t going to happen again. Thankfully everything was okay with the baby! The heart was still beating and the baby was even bigger than before. My bloodpressure was too high, but that could have been the stress.

10 Weeks: Tiredness to the max

After 8 weeks of being pregnant, my appetite was decreasing hard. But in a good way! I could not eat greasy stuff or other unhealthy things, all I could think about was fruit and salades. Fresh, cold stuff. But I still didn’t trust my body not to reject this baby again. I was nervous about every ultrasound. But our baby kept growing and it’s heart kept beating. So beautiful!
Meanwhile, my life was completely on hold. I couldn’t get myself off the couch, I was so tired, I wanted to sleep all day. When I was 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant we had another ultrsound and for the first time we saw an actual baby shaped little human. It was amazing!

12 weeks: Everyone knows

As I write this, I am 12 weeks pregnant. We told everyone the good news and they are all super excited, which makes us even more happy. The last ultrsound went very well, we could see little arms and legs and the baby even waved at us. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying. But it’s hard you know. My high bloodpressure is still there. So I got some medicine for that and I’m regularly checked at the hospital. I’m not showing yet and I’m still tired all the time and the nausea is still there. But I feel fine overall and I’m enjoying this very much.

Any tips for a pregnant lady?

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