gender reveal

Gender Reveal: Are We Having a Boy or a Girl?

Hi everyone! It’s time for a gender reveal! How exciting! I am now 17 weeks pregnant and me and the baby are doing great. The baby is growing every day and kicking. Which I don’t feel at all, because it’s a bit realy, but I can’t wait! I’m doing better than a few weeks ago. The pills I take to control my high bloodpressure is kicking in, so that’s stable now. My nausea is almost gone and my weight gaining is all in control. Not too much, not too little. Also I’m starting to show, which I absolutely love! My energie level is better, but I’m still taking it easy and I must say, I’m enjoying it.

Now for the gender reveal! I while ago we had an ultrasound again, an extra one, to see what the gender of the baby is! This could have been an exciting moment, if… I hadn’t already seen it on an earlier ultrasound! The doctor didn’t say anything, because that wasn’t the purpose of the ultrasound, but I saw it clearly. And indeed, with the extra ultrasound it was confirmed. We are having a…

gender reveal

… GIRL! Yaaay! We are so thrilled! And yes, we are the most boring couple ever, we already picked out a name. Actually, we agreed on the name very quickly, so that’s settled. Now, I can’t wait to actually feel her kick! I can’t believe we’re having a girl, I am so happy!

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