Easy To Make Halloween Mummy Lights

I said it before, I absolutely love Halloween and all the holidays that follow, like Thanksgiving and Christmas! I guess I’m just a very festive person or something? Anyway, these days you’ll probably find me Pinteresting for hours to inspire myself and think of cute ideas for decoration or recipes. I already pinned so much that I like! A few days ago I came across this cute little Halloween Mummy Lights on Pinterest and I decided to give it a try myself. They look (and are!) so easy to make and it’s a great thing to do with your kids. They can help you or make one themselves! So, how to do this? You really don’t need much, it’s a very cheap project if you ask me.

What do you need?
– Glass jars
– 2″ / 4cm bandages
– Funny, googly eyes
– Glue

Step 1
Now, the glass jars can be any kind you like. I used a mason jar and a random little glass jar I had lying around. Remove the lid, we don’t need that. Now carefully put some glue around (under) the rim of the jar. Not too much or it will drip.

Step 2
Now take the bandages and roll it around the rim, so that the top is glued to the jar. When you’re all the way around, start rolling downwards. When the whole jar is covered, glue the end of the bandages to the jar. Please note: as you can say in the picture, there’s a glue stain on the bottom of the biggest mummy light. So make sure that you stop rolling on the other side of where you want to put the eyes. Otherwise you will see the glue, which is not what you want.

Step 3
I found the funny eyes at Hema, they were really cheap! But I’m sure any other craft shop will have them. Now choose the eyes that you want to use and glue them to the jar where you want them to be. I used green eyes for the big one and white ones for the smaller one. Cute, right? Put some tea lights in them and you’re done! Handle them with care, because it might take some time for the glue to dry!

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