Meal Plan Friday: Week 45

On fridays, we plan! As I told you before, my husband and I like to plan our meals ahead for a whole week. This saves a lot of time and money! You can read more about this in my blogpost about meal planning, where you can get some tips on how to do this. When we plan our meals, I always try to add some new recipes to our meal plan. And let me tell you, it can be a real challenge to not eat the same things every week. That’s why I came up with Meal Plan Friday! Because if I am having trouble finding new recipes, that means I’m not the only one. So from this day forward, on fridays, I’ll provide you with some food inspiration, or foodspiration if you will, for the upcoming week!

I have to tell you upfront, me and my husband don’t have any allergies and we don’t eat a 100% vegetarian or vegan. If a recipe is suitable for some kind of diet or lifestyle, I will always try to mention it. We love to make healthy choices and always try to use fresh and natural ingredients. We like to use our oven as much as we can and I personally try to use as little pans or pots as possible. I’m all for easy and quick, but in the weekends we sometimes make a little extra effort. This amazing pie was last weeks winner:

I’m sorry for the quality, I only filmed it and forgot to take a picture, so I took a screenshot of the video. This is the Steak, Guinness & Cheese Pie by Jamie Oliver and it’s the best dish for a saturday dinner! I’ll give you the recipe in my meal plan suggestions below.

Monday: Mexican bean wraps
Tuesday: Creamy spinach (pureed avocado instead of cream, makes the sauce 🅥) with mushrooms and penne pasta ✓ Ⓥ
Wednesday: Chicken fried rice
Thursday: Easy spaghetti with tomato sauce
Friday: Homemade pizza with your favourite toppings
Saturday: Steak, Guinness and cheese pie with a side of peas ✓
Sunday: Roasted veggies, chicken and potatoes from the oven

✓ Tested and approved by me and my family
Ⓥ Vegetarian
🅥 Vegan

Download my free Meal Plan printable, for easy meal planning! —> here

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  1. Yeah I cant seem to get on top of meal planning. We need some new recipes for sure. I am veg so going to check out those bean wraps. I need easy and trying to eat better too! I also find that if/when I cook something we eat it at least two nights.

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