Meal Plan Friday: Week 47 (Thanksgiving)

It’s friday and that means it’s time to plan our meals for the next week! Did you guys try something from last meal plan friday? If you did I would love to hear! Especially about the recipes I haven’t tried for myself yet. Last week we had a pretty standard week, foodwise. We had some pasta, chicken and rice, fish and veggies. We made some pretty healthy choices and it was all delicious! Also, I’ve been using more of our own food to make Vera her dinner. It saves me a lot of time and it means she’s getting a bit more herbs and flavours and I feel she loves it! We had some sweet potatoe mash with wild rocket and feta cheese and I pureed it for her. She was inhaling it!

Now, can I give a shout-out to this amazing food related Instagram feed I recently found? Her photo’s are so amazing, I just can’t stop looking and drooling all over my phone. Alex is everything I am not, she’s fit, healthy and amazing with food! What we do have in common? We love to cook and eat! Go give her some love!

My Own Meal Plan

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Next week is a special week, because thursday it’s Thanksgiving! Yay! I am so excited for this, because in our home it’s the day we decorate our Christmas tree! And of course, lots of delicious food and giving thanks! Our Thanksgiving dinner has been the same since a years or two, but every year we tweak it a little bit. I’ll give you our Thanksgiving meal plan in the menu below. Have fun planning!

Monday: Pasta with chicory and bacon
Tuesday: Fish and spicy rice
Wednesday: Mary Berry’s Aubergine Lasagna ✓Ⓥ
Thursday: Roasted turkey, green beans with red onion, sweet potatoe cubes with feta cheese and mashed potatoes
Saturday: Roasted pumpkin soup Ⓥ🅥
Sunday: Roasted pork, potatoes and veggies

✓ Tested and approved by me and my family
Ⓥ Vegetarian
🅥 Vegan

Read my tips and download my free Meal Plan printable, for easy meal planning here.

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