Our New Fridge Is Finally Here

You guys have no idea how happy I am right now. I have been waiting for this day for so long and it’s finally here. I have been wanting to burn, pulverize, shatter or smash our fridge since I can’t even remember, because it’s just too. darn. loud. Sometimes when my baby is sleeping and I finally plan to get some work done, an actual racing car is taking off from my kitchen to God knows where and I listen to rrroom, rrroom, rrrroom, for hours! I cannot hear my own thoughts, I cannot get a single sentence typed, I just can’t. Thankfully, it’s an oldy, a bit broken and a bit too small for our family of three. Convincing my husband we should buy a new one wasn’t that hard. But of course we had to save up a bit first, a new refrigerator isn’t very cheap, so my patience was tested the last couple of months. But today is a happy day, because: our new fridge has finally arrived!

When we picked out our fridge, we were looking for one with a double door, less noise, a bit more space and no water dispenser. We found that a water dispenser takes up unnecessary space inside the fridge and we really never use it.

So, this is our old situation:

You can see, there’s enough space for a slightly bigger fridge, but not too much. So we picked one with double doors, that’s not too wide, a lot less noisy than our old one, no water dispenser and a lot more space inside. Our winner was the Haier HB16FMAA refrigerator. From the outside it doesn’t look so much bigger than our old one, but when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised. So much room! And most importantly, the silence is almost deafening! I absolutely love it.

First, let me introduce you to our new fridge:

new fridge

This is actually the top half, but our kitchen is so small, I just couldn’t get a wider shot! Not even if I sat on the counter (can you see me?). But here’s a link to the store were we bought it, you can see more pictures there! I’m not all too happy about how close it is to the cabinet, but unfortunately we can’t change that. On the left side of the fridge is our cat’s litter box, so there’s just no more room!

new fridge

The inside of the fridge is incredibly spacious! So spacious, that I had to buy extra refrigerator storage trays, to keep things a bit more organized! I bought two trays for soda bottles (top shelf), two big trays for pots and random products, two smaller trays, also for all kinds of pots and two trays for the humidity drawer. I bought them all at Action.

new fridge

I love these trays, they fit perfectly!

new fridge

Our first freezer drawer, which we use to store bread and stuff. It’s very spacious, I love it!

new fridge

And the second freezer drawer. In here we store our veggies and meat! It’s a little less spacious than the first drawer, but it’s higher, so I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I love this fridge so so much! It’s the quietest fridge ever, I can’t believe how little sound it makes. And the storage space is seriously insane! I’m so happy with this purchase, I don’t even remember our old fridge, I mean, what was life?! The only thing left to do is organizing everything a bit more and make some fridge liners for easy cleaning. I’ll write a post about that later on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go drool over my new fridge some more and stroke it like it’s a cute little kitten.


  1. Ah wat leuk, ik kan ook zo blij worden met nieuwe huishoudelijke apparaten, haha. Als ik dat 10 jaar geleden zou zeggen had ik mezelf voor gek verklaard :p Je nieuwe koelkast ziet er echt mooi uit! Ik kan alleen geen linkje vinden in je tekst, vergeten?

    Ik heb helaas een tafelmodel koelkast omdat ik een appartement heb met een keuken met weinig ruimte. Op de koelkast staat de kookplaat. Wel heb ik een aparte grote vriezer in de keuken, dus in principe heb ik dezelfde ruimte, alleen door tweeen gehakt :p Maar toch wil ik later een grote!

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