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Our Nursery Reveal & Product Picks

It’s finally here! Our nursery reveal! I wanted to do this blogpost for so long! But I’ve got a surprise for ya, decorating a nursery takes time! My daughter is six months old and I think I’m finally happy with how everything turned out. So today I’m showing you the final reveal of my girl’s nursery and giving you some insights on where everything came from. Before you read any further I must apologize for the pictures. The lighting in the room is very bad (especially with the weather lately, hello autumn!) so the quality isn’t as good as I wanted to. I had to enhance the colours a little bit too make it more realistic to what it actually looks like. If I hadn’t done that, the walls would be grey and they’re definitly not! So I hope you’ll forgive me!

As you can see, we went for a fresh green and pink colour scheme. I love the combination! There is a lot of rabbit themed things in here, although we never intended this. It just kind of grew! Parents out there, you know how it goes. You place one stuffed rabbit and suddenly everyone buys rabbit stuff for your baby. But it’s the best, I love it and I hope our babygirl will grow to love bunnies and rabbits and all the other animals. There are two things in this room that I definitly wanted to have, even before I was pregnant. The rocking chair and the white picture ledges. I’m so happy I managed to actually buy them!

Crib: IKEA | Rocking chair: Intratuin | White fluffy rug on chair: IKEA | Rug on floor: Leenbakker | Dresser: IKEA | Pictures ledges: IKEA | Artificial grass: IKEA | Plant pot: IKEA

This dresser, I have to say, is the best buy for a nursery. It’s very spacious and you can even use it as a changing table. I’m definitly going to, when my daughter gets too big for our regular changing table. For now I use the dresser to store her clothes and toys. The Guess Who Much I Love You paintings are actually made by my mother-in-law! She’s really talented and it was an amazing gift from her.

These white picture ledges were on my wishlist for so long! You might have seen them on my IKEA Catalog Favourites. They are so easy to decorate. You can put books on it, but also pictures, toys, plants, you name it. It makes a reading corner so much more cozy and colourful. I will put most of the books that you see here on the product list, but some books were a gift so I might not know where they come from.

The Tale Of The Pigling Bland: The Book Depository | Alice In Wonderland: The Book Depository | The Tale Of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle: The Book Depository | The Very Hungry Caterpillar: The Book Depository | Guess Who Much I Love You: The Book Depository | Guess How Much I Love You: Look What I Can Do (First Concepts Book): The Book Depository

This changing table is from the same IKEA collection as the crib. It’s not the prettiest I’ve ever seen, but it’s useful and it’s cheap. There’s a lot of space for everything that you need and IKEA even sells little baskets to hang on it, for little things you might need close at hand. Again, I’m so sorrry for the quality of the pictures, I will do better in the future!

Changing table: IKEA | Curtains: Jysk | Hanging baskets for changing table: IKEA | Drawer organizers: IKEA | Night light cat: Hema

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