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15 Scandinavian Baby Names & Their Meaning

When my husband and I knew we were going to be parents, we started to think about names quite soon. We came to realize that Scandinavian baby names were our favourite and I loved the idea of giving our daughter such a powerful name. We did not end up giving her a Scandinavian name – although the name Vera is very common there – but I still think a lot of Scandinavian baby names are really pretty. In case you’re thinking of naming your baby Scandinavian style, I will show you a bundle of 15 names to consider, including their meaning. These names are my personal favourite and I hope you like them as well.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Beautiful or fair. In Old Norse (used until the 14th century) it means ‘Ing is beautiful’.


Gender: Boy
Meaning: Youth. Or ‘funny looking donkey’, if you know what I mean.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Beautiful goddess or in Old Norse ‘divine strenght’.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Glorious day. Perfect if by any chance the sun started to shine, exactly when your baby was born.


Gender: Boy
Meaning: Carrier of Christ. Used by early Christians to express that they carried Christ in their heart.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Full of grace. An absolute winner if you plan to raise a balletdancer!


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Strenght of the sun. To be pronounced as Sol-vay.


Gender: Boy
Meaning: Victorious. Good name for born winners.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Strenght.


Gender: Boy
Meaning: From Finland.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: From Denmark.

Sjurd / Sjoerd

Gender: Boy
Meaning: Guard of victory.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Feminine version of the Norse fertility god.


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Life. My sister’s name is Livia, which is a very cool version of this name!


Gender: Girl
Meaning: Pearl.

Which of these 15 Scandinavian baby names do you like best?

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