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Get Your Guestroom Ready In Less Than One Hour

So, we all know this situation. A friend – who lives kind of far away – is spending the evening with you. You’re having the best time and it’s getting later and later. You want to invite them to stay the night, but your guestroom is far from prepared! Or your parents are visiting and they would like to stay the night. Now, I understand that you would probably lock the room in this case and send them straight home. But let’s be hospitable! Unfortunetly, we use our guestroom not only as a guestroom, but also as a place to throw clean laundry on the bed, when we want a pair of socks real quickly. Or a place where we store the junk we really need to bring up to the attic. You can understand, I needed an organized way of getting the guestroom ready, without to much of an effort. Because, let’s face it, I’m a lazy bum. So, if you also want to know how you can get your guestroom ready in less than an hour, I can help you!

Vacuum and dust

Because the guestroom isn’t a room we’re spending much time in, a little vacuuming and dusting is essential. First, I take a damp cloth and clean every surface in the room, like nightstands and cabinets. Then I vacuum the room. This is something that may take the longest of the things you need to do. But if you start with it, the hardest part will be over within a few minutes.

Change the sheets and bedding

As a guest, I love when someone takes the time to make sure I sleep in a fresh and clean bed, so I make sure I do the same for my guests. There’s nothing sweeter than the feeling of a fresh made bed, right?

Declutter and open the windows

Any clutter lying around? I pick it up, clean it up, get it out of the room. I open the windows and let the room breath! It’s very important to make sure the space feels fresh, clean and decluttered!

Make your guest feel welcome

I always think it’s nice to do something to the room, that makes your guest feel welcome and at home. I like to place a tray next to the bed with all kinds of things that my guest may need. A bottle of water, a charger for their phone, some magazines they like or some travel size showerproducts. Sometimes I even lay down a funny card to welcome them! Anything, to make their stay feel really pleasant. I understand that this is only possible when you know beforehand you’re going to have people over. Otherwise, putting a towel or two on their bed, so don’t have to ask for anything in the morning, that will be okay too.

How do you get your guestroom ready? Any helpful tips for me?


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