When Your Husband Goes Shopping For Baby Clothes

As you may know, I am not allowed to leave the house since a few days, because of medical reasons. My blood pressure is still very high and to make sure me and the baby stay healthy, I need to get some rest up until the birth. Unfortunately this means I can’t do what I love doing: shopping for baby clothes! So, there’s only one thing I can do and that is sending my husband off to the shops and let him pick some outfits. Oh dear. That’s going to be a disaster, I thought.

As a soon-to-be mum, you already think you know best what your child needs. So I was getting all of these terrible visions inside my head, where he would come home with bags full of boys clothing, images of skulls and lightning bolts. And hats with airplanes. Not that there’s something wrong with dressing your babygirl in airplanes or lightning bolts, but it wasn’t what I had in mind. But, surprise! It looks like my husband actually is some kind of a baby fashion expert! After an hour of shopping he came home with bags full of baby clothes with more colour variation than I ever picked out and I just knew I had to show you! Are you ready for some cuteness?

Isn’t this the cutest bunch of clothes you have ever seen? So much colour! I love how he wasn’t scared of picking something blue with boats on it. Everything is perfect, even the shameless ‘Daddy is the best’ bip, haha! It’ll all be way too big for our baby, who will be smaller than ‘normal’ babies, but the green romper is actually a really small one, I love it! A have a few favourites, though. These are the pieces I liked the most.

I’m really happy with everything he picked out. It feels very secure that we now have enough clothes (along with everything we already had and got) for the baby to come. Our little girl is going to look super cute, don’t you think?

Did you ever let your husband buy baby clothes? How did he do? And what is your favourite of the items my husband picked out?

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