Something that I truly underestimated before I was a mum, is how important a diaper bag is! I always thought I would just stick a few diapers in my handbag and I would be good for a few hours. But no, no, no! I was shocked at how much stuff you need to bring when you and your baby leave the house! A few weeks ago we were out and about for a couple of hours and we intended to gave our daughter her bottle at the place we visited. Turns out, we forgot to bring something that’s kind of essential. Her bottle! After this, I’m never forgetting anything, I’ll tell you that. (Ofcourse I will.) Before I continue, I must tell you that I don’t breastfeed. If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you might need different or less stuff.

So how do I pack my diaper bag for a full day out? I say, be prepared. For anything! This is why diaper bags are always stuffed, you really don’t want any drama or a sad baby when you’re away from home. If anyone wants to know about my diaper bag, I’m using the Baby Ono Elegance in Beige Brown. It’s incredibly spacious!

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Ofcourse, a bottle. I’ll never make that mistake again! Which bottle you use is ofcourse up to you. After trying lots of different bottles, we ended up using this bottle, it seems to be the best choice for our daughter and the formula we give her.

Formula dispenser
Whenever we go to see my parents, it’s a very long drive. Which means we need at least three feedings to bring with us. A formula dispenser like the one I have, is very useful! It’s not the niftiest one there is, because you have to switch the top lid to dispens the powder, but it’s doing it’s job for now!

Hot and cold water
You are going to love your life when you bring a small thermos with hot water with you, I promise! The one I have can hold about 10 oz/300 ml of water and keep it hot for about 5 to 6 hours. That means I can make at least 2 feedings with it. It’s great for when you’re somewhere in a forest (you never know) where there is no possible way of heating your water. Just mix the hot and cold water and your good to go!

The formula that I use to feed my baby is quite thick. That means I need something to stir when I prepare the milk, so I always carry a spoon with me. I use the ones that are made for babies.

Diaper changing products
You need quite a lot of stuff to change a diaper, so I decided to group them. The things I always have with me to change a diaper are – of course – diapers. But also a portable changing mat. Mine came with the bag, but it saved my life more times than I can count. It’s easy to clean and soft enough to change your baby on, when there is nothing else around. You also need baby wipes, vaseline and handsanitizer is also very handy. It’s a life saver when there’s no water anywhere to wash your hands.

A full set of clothes
I always bring a full set of babyclothes with me when I leave the house for a longer time. That means socks, romper, pants and shirt. Accidents can happen and you don’t want poo or pee all over your baby without having anything else with you.

Hydrophilic cloth
You absolutely need this. You can use hydrophilic cloths for almost everything. I put it on my shoulder when I burb the baby or I use it to wipe spit of milk from her mouth and clothes.

This is not something that you have to carry around all the time. But if you’re going away for a couple of hours, I really recommend packing some backup toys. I can be something small, just something to distract your baby when boredom hits.

Extra pacifier
You won’t believe how many times I left the house without the pacifier. Drama! And of course, I don’t know about your bundle of joy, but mine really needs her pacifier, so I always have an extra one prepared.

Small scented trash bags
This is a product I discovered only recently. Just put in the dirty diaper, close it and throw it out. It’s hygienic and no one is bothered with a nasty smell in their trash can! I always carry a few in my diaper bag and it’s great, especially for when you’re visiting someone.

What’s inside your diaper bag? Do you have any tips or advice?



  1. Michelle 5 november, 2017 at 21:59 Beantwoorden

    You’re so much more organized than I ever was. At my best, I had a couple of diapers and some wipes in the stroller or glove compartment. What I really regretted not having, more than once, was a clean shirt for myself. Changes of clothes are great to have, long past the diaper stage.

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