Mini Snap Diary | Brighton 2018

Last week I went to England for a week long, well deserved holiday, with my husband and daughter. It was our first trip abroad as a family, so exciting! We absolutely had the best time and Vera was the best travel companion! She slept well, she ate well and she enjoyed being in the back seat of the car. The best thing about this holiday, for me, was our visit to Brighton. I wanted to visit this beautiful place for such a long time and I enjoyed every minute of being there. The sea, the sound of the seagulls, the seafront, the lovely buildings, it was so beautiful and I really want to go back someday! I decided not to show snaps of our entire holiday – because frankly, that would take hours to read, I made so many pictures! – but only of our trip to Brighton.

The West Pier is something very special. It’s an old pier that used to have a concert building and all that, but burnt down in 2010. Seeing it with my own eyes made me realise how spooky the whole thing is, I absolutely loved it. It’s so sad that something that used to be so pretty is now slowly being swallowed by the sea and maybe eventually won’t be there anymore.

Something I absolutely had to have, was an icecream scoop (or three) from Boho Gelato. This place is super famous and yes, there was actually a line outside of the shop. But the girl who was working there was super fast and within a few minutes I was enjoying this lovely scoop of chocolate icecream. This place is so famous because they have lots of special flavours, like carrot cake. You should really try it, if you visit Brighton. There are two Boho Gelato’s in Brighton and maybe the other one is not that crowded, I don’t know. But the icecream was delicious!

I absolutely loved strolling along the seafront. There are so many cute shops, restaurants and bars there, it’s amazing! I really love this cute cute family snap and the weather was so nice and hot, it was perfect!

Another must-visit for me! Dum Dum Donutterie. I so not regret going there! We both got a creme filled chocolate mini donut and a bigger one. A Raspberry Cheesecake donut for me and a Creme Brullee donut for Rick. OMG, it tasted amazing! I must be honest, with what I heard about this place I expected a bit more flavours to choose from. But the donuts they did have were really the best I had ever tasted!

The Royal Pavilion – but especially the nature around it – was so so pretty! We didn’t get into the pavilion, because we found it a bit expensive, but seeing it was allready so incredible. Appearently it used to be the seaside retreat of George, Prince of Wales. I am really excited to see what’s inside, so this gives us a perfectly good reason to go back someday! And honestly, if you won’t or can’t pay to go in, it’s still worth a visit, take it from me.

Giraffe! I never talked about this before, but Rick and I are the biggest fan of the Giraffe and Giraffe Stop restaurants! We went to a Giraffe Stop for breakfast at King’s Cross a few years ago and now we always have at least one meal at a Giraffe if we visit England. So this time we found a Giraffe Burgers & Cocktails in Brighton and we decided to end the day with a good burger at our favourite place! And it was so nice! The lady that helped us was so lovely to us and our little girl. She brought her a little book and couldn’t stop complimenting us on her, it was really nice. And ofcourse, the food was delicious! I really recommend them. It was the perfect ending to an even more perfect day.

Have you ever been to Brighton?

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  1. Brighton….yes, we have been there, with Ron’s family, few years back. Very nice place to be. We DID see the pavilion inside and i can asure you, it is well worth the money. I would advise you to do go there on a future trip. Anyway, i agree with you, Brighton is a wonderful holiday destination.

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