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There She Is: Our Daughter Vera Is Born

After a pregnancy of almost 38 weeks our daughter Vera was born this week! We are so happy! She came a bit earlier than expected, but since the last few weeks of my pregnancy weren’t that easy, I think I’m okay with that. I will save you the complete childbirth story for another time and tell you the short version. Vera was born a dysmature. Which means she wasn’t born premature, but did have a low birth weight. Her birth weight was 1880 grams, which is a little over 4 pounds. But she’s is doing well! We are still in the hospital and we can go home once our girl gained a little weight, can keep herself warm and is able to eat without the help of a feeding tube.

I’m having a hard time though. Because of my high blood pressure, they keep testing me and try lots of different medicine and dosages. Because of this, I can’t be there enough for my daughter and learn things. Everytime I want to change a diaper, a nurse comes in to check on my blood pressure. It’s so frustrating! I’m so thankful for my husband, who gladly changes diapers when I can’t and pays attention to everything so that he can teach me later on. Also, the hospital bed is killing me, so we switched, haha! Rick is now sleeping in the hospital bed and I’m sleeping on the stretcher. It’s heaven! But I hope we can go home soon. Our daughter is the loveliest and prettiest little baby I have ever seen and we are so happy to finally hold her and love her.

Welcome to our family, Vera!

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