Over SpillMyTea

Hello there and thanks for stopping by. My name is Yvette (34) and I am a wife and mother, who fancies herself a photographer, writer, graphic designer and interior decorator. Oh, if only. I am married to Rick, who’s a research chemist and the best husband I could ever wish for. We met and started dating in 2012, married in 2015 and our daughter Vera was born in 2017. Oh, and we have a very annoying but adorable cat named Manis. His name is pronounced the same as when you would say ‘my knees’ very quickly. It means ‘sweet’ in Indonesian, in case you were wondering. We live in a little town in the south of the Netherlands, where’s it’s sunny most of the time and always windy. I like to call it Dutch Chicago.

If you enjoy organizing, sushi, family life, stuffing chocolate with whole hazelnuts in your face while doing absolutely nothing except watching Netflix, visiting London, taking pictures of bright coloured things, visiting themeparks almost every week (yay for my annual pass!), Christmas and browsing for hours on Pinterest, then you are probably my long lost twin. Or just the perfect reader for this blog!

The idea of Spill My Tea grew inside my head in 2015, when I got pregnant for the first time. I had been blogging since somewhere in my teens, which I can pretend isn’t that long ago, but is actually more than 15 years ago. I wasn’t happy with my blog and the things I wrote about and I really wanted to start a new one about life with a baby and all things family oriented. I really felt like it suited me. Unfortunatly, I miscarried after 9 weeks, so I decided to put these plans on hold. About a year later, in 2017 we were finally blessed with a tiny little girl and so here I am, blogging about it! I am so happy I’m here, writing about my attempt to handle motherhood and I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

If you’re interested in partnering with Spill My Tea, you can reach me through the contact page. I am always on the lookout for interesting partnerships or fun collaborations. Thank you so much for your interest!