touching my child

Why Do People Keep Touching My Child?

You guys, I have a few things to ask you. But first, picture this. You are doing a bit of shopping, minding your own business, while suddenly somebody gives you a compliment on your dress. This person blocks your way and while they keep saying how cute your dress is, they stroke your arm. Or everytime you go to the bakery, the woman behind the counter strokes your cheek. Bit weird, right? So if people think touching a stranger is weird, then why touching my child is okay?

touching my child

So, why do random people keep touching my child, when they see her? I mean, it’s okay if they think she’s cute. She is! It’s okay if they slow me down in the middle of my grocery shopping, which I managed to squeeze in between naps. It’s totally fine that they talk to her as if I’m not there. That’s the life of a cute kid’s mother, I get it. But why stroke her leg, arm, cheek or hands? Just because she’s little, smiles back at them, but can’t say anything, doesn’t mean that people can randomly touch her. It would be super weird if she was older, right? I really don’t understand this phenomenon. A stranger touching my baby’s hands, is basically the same as a stranger spitting in my mouth, in my opinion. You just don’t know where their hands have been and my baby is going to put her hands in her mouth after this, without a doubt. I know some people will think I’m overreacting with this. But to me, as a mother, it’s absolutely horrifying.

But all germs aside, taking everything that has happened the past year or so into account – I’m talking #metoo and child abuse – I don’t think it’s okay to randomly touch my child! I am absolutely aware that the middle aged women that aproach her don’t mean to harm her and that they all mean well, but I don’t want to learn my daughter that random strangers can touch her whenever they like, just because she’s a baby. She is a person, not a toy and not a doll.

So, what’s your opinion on this? It can’t be just me who finds this super annoying. And what do you do to stop random strangers from touching your child? It’s super hard for me to be strict and tell people not to touch her, even though I know my baby’s health always comes first. Today, when we did our groceries, a little girl saw my daughter and shouted “Oohh, baby!” and started to actually lean into my shopping cart, trying to reach and touch her. For a moment I was stunned, but then I kindly said to her: “Can I move along please?” and started walking the other way. That is okay, I have no problem with telling children off – although that’s not really what I did in this situation – but adults I find way more difficult. How do you handle this?

What do you do if you don’t want a stranger to touch your child?


  1. Verschrikkelijk hé het is alsof vanaf je zwangerschap publiekelijk bezit bent. Ik zeg het gewoon tegen mensen dat ik niet wilt dat mijn kind word aangeraakt omdat hij/zij niet kan beslissen of zij/hij het leuk vind! Mijn kleuter kan gelukkig ja of nee zggen maar mijn baby niet

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