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Søstrene Grene Children’s Interior Collection 2018

Some of you might already know that I am a big fan of all things Scandinavian. I love their nature, their fashion, their lifestyle and also their furniture designs. So when I came across Søstrene Grene, I was a fan! The Søstrene Grene stores can be found all over Europe and even Japan and what they sell are mostly home decoration, kitchen stuff and toys, but also party stuff like paper plates, balloons, paper cups, anything. Their products are so cute and affordable! When my sister took me to one of their stores about a year ago, for a moment I thought their price tags were all wrong. This last week they launched a new children’s collection and I am so in love with it! The colours, the images, it’s so so cute! So as a fan and without any sponsoring (I feel like I cannot stress that enough) I had to show you guys these products! I can’t show you everything, so I picked my favourites. Here we go!

This night light would go so well in our daughter’s room! For some reason her room is filled with rabbit and bunny themed items (I don’t know how this happened, but you know what they say about rabbits) and the colours are green and pink, so this cute little sleeping rabbit is perfection! I love it!

The toy box on wheels which you can see in the bottom right corner, is a definite must-have for me! Again a sleeping bunny, what’s not to love? Our daughter doesn’t have toys in her room yet, because she usually only sleeps in there, but we are seriously considering it as a birthday present!

Our daughter has quite a big room if I may say so, which means we can build her a nice corner to play in when she’s older. And since a few years, little teepee’s have stolen my heart! It’s so cozy when you decorate it with pillows and twinkle lights! I can already see her laying in it, reading a book. This teepee is beautiful, but they also have a complete white one, which I think looks better in her room. A product we’re going to keep our eye on!

Talking about decorating a teepee: how cute are these pillows? I am not a fan of the animal shaped pillows, but the other ones are pretty!

How about these shelves? I think they would look lovely with a hanging plant or some framed pictures! Because of their colour, I am not completely sure they would fit our daughter’s green walls, but I think I have to see them in real life first to actually have an opinion on that. But I love them anyways!

What are your favourite items of the Søstrene Grene Children’s Interior Collection 2018?

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