Stories in Our Christmas Tree

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Every year, when we decorate our Christmas tree, there is this little tradition of reminiscing. You see, everytime something important happens in our lives, we buy an ornament or bauble that fits the ‘story’. That way our tree is filled with amazing memories! Every year, we start with hanging the lights in the tree and then the ‘special ornaments’, as I call them, so that they have the best spot. We talk, laugh and remember! After that, we use all the other baubles to fill the tree up. I love this little tradition and this year I would like to make you a part of it, by telling you the stories that are hiding in our Christmas tree!

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This ‘You and Me’ bauble is a tacky little thing you can buy almost everywhere around Christmas time. Yet, I bought it for my husband when we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I gave it to him when we were about to celebrate our first Christmas together!

This is the only bauble that doesn’t have a great story to come with it, but I do believe it’s one of the first baubles my husband and I bought together at the garden center, a place we love to go around the holidays. I think it’s really pretty and it’s always one of the first things we place in our tree.

This is a real special ornament! We bought it in a Christmas shop in Wales, in 2014. It was summer actually, but we were so happy to find a shop full of Christmas decorations! It was a good 15 minutes. As you can see, it’s a tree of acorns and I think it’s so beautiful!

Buried deep inside of our Chrismas tree, you will find this naughty little thing. We bought this the first Christmas after we adopted our cat, in 2014. I always put this ornament inside the tree, because it’s a funny reminder of that time we found our cat inside the Christmas tree, just chilling on a branch. So funny!

This is a bauble I never want to lose. We bought it in a shop in Disneyland Paris in 2016. We had a rough two years, with not being able to get pregnant and we could really use a break from it all. It was a great trip, we had so much fun and I will never forget it! A few months later I was pregnant! A great reminder of how you sometimes need to let go of the thing you really want the most, in order to get it. And I’m not even refering to a certain Disney song about letting things go. I’m not!

I think this is one of the prettiest ornaments in our tree! I bought it at the local flower shop. The owner made my wedding bouquet a few years ago and is super friendly. This ornament is a reminder of how my husband I like to cook and bake together. The kitchen is our happy place!

How cute is this ornament?! It’s a Christmas sweater! And to celebrate our love for Christmas sweaters, this ornament had to be added to our Christmas tree! It’s perfect! I would actually love to have a sweater exactly like this one, it looks so cozy!

Ofcourse, when my daughter was born, we needed an ornament to add this memory to our tree. Now, I don’t like these ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ baubles you can buy almost everywhere, because there are always pink or blue! What’s with that?! Our tree is and probably always will be red, sometimes with gold and green. Pink or blue does not go with that! We had the hardest time to find a nice one that had something to do with babies or birth. Then we found this little Christmas bear and it was perfect! I hope someday, our daughter will hang this bear in her own tree, with her own family and I gotta stop typing now, because I will cry.

Have you got stories and memories hanging in your Christmas tree? I would love to hear them, so how about you write a blogpost like this on your own blog? I would absolutely love that! Please don’t forget to tell me about it on Twitter, or in a comment down below!



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